The Sustainable Energy Forum (SEF) is a series of radio and television talk shows that address the challenge of high energy costs in Uganda to the consumer and the environment. SEF seeks to expose the inefficiencies of the traditional energy choices, and promote clean and cheap energy alternatives.
This is done by demonstrating the savings made by individuals and institutions, which are opting for green alternatives, on the show. It is our hope that you will switch your energy choices and change your energy habits if there is need.
Make the choice to save money and the environment, on which you depend for your livelihood.

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Solar Energy For a Brighter Future


Fred Segirinya a resident of Mpongo a rural suburb, 80 km south of Kampala. He has purchased a solar unit and intends to light up his house. A technician is installing the unit and Mr. Segirinya is identifying places in his house that he needs to be lit. Before making the switch to solar, Mr. Segirinya like most of his neighbors, relied on a kerosene lamp fashioned out of strips of scrap metal, locally known as Tadooba.


Resource Rich Energy Poor


Previously on the sustainable energy forum, we went to Mpogo village in Gomba district. Where a lack of electricity combined with the danger of using a paraffin lamp forced the people there to invest in solar to light their homes. We now travel to Katooke village in Kasese district, to find out how the locals charge the mobile phones without electricity. Sally Namugenyi a contributor to the forum visits a local barber shop which besides cutting peoples hair, also offers a solution for locals looking to charge their phones.


Okelo Kuc Cookstove: The Peace Maker


According to WWF, an energy saving mud stove saves up to 33 trees from being cut down, annually. Such stoves reduce house hold spending on firewood because of their economical use of firewood. The housewives of Agweng village, In Lira district, know this all too well, going by their early adoption of the Okelo Kuc cook stove. This is said to even possess the power to make peace yet as Iguma Gabriel, a contributor to this forum, reveals the Okelo Kuc, is no old wives tale.