About us

Wizarts Media is a production house since 2008 whose core business is making radio and television programmes, ranging from radio/ TV spots and commercials, to radio/TV features, talk shows, dramas, and documentaries. We believe production is an art form and therefore approach it in creative ways. We strive to produce the highest quality programmes for our clients, for we know a happy client is the strongest form of advertisement we can have.

We have a team of producers, writers and editors who are creative, thirsty for knowledge, motivated by challenge, and who take pride in the work they do. All these values are reflected in our company name which states that we are “wizards in the art of production” and hence each team member goes out of their way to show wizardry in their specific field.

Our company vision is to provide “professional broadcast products in Uganda and East Africa through examples of our creations and productions.” We therefore never release a production until we are happy and proud of it. We value our clients’ time as much as we value our own time, and therefore always adhere to, and deliver work, within agreed timelines.

While the broadcast sector in the East African region has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, the quality of the content broadcast does not match the quantitative growth of the sector. As a company, it is our mission “to put out high quality productions, which while entertaining to the listeners and viewers, are also highly educative and informative,” and by so doing we serve the broadcast audiences better.